My trip to ‘Retrovision 2010’

Last weekend saw Retrovision 2010 come and go, and what a brilliant 3 days it was. Plenty of retro gaming, socializing, eating and drinking all in one, it has been an experience i’d like to do again next year with Retrovision 2011. Apart from getting bad Laryngitis on the day we arrived, it has been a big highlight already for 2010. (Full set of my photos can be found here btw)

Based in Oxford at the Follybridge Inn, travel was a bit of an issue for me as I come from all the way in south east Kent. It meant having to get up at 4am and leaving the house at 4:20am to get my 5am coach to London Victoria. After a bit of a wait at the station, I was on the next part of the journey to Milton Keynes where I met up with Vinny [Mainolfi].

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Retro byte: ‘Mr and Mrs’ (Amiga)

It’s been a while since my last Retro Byte, but after playing this particular game via emulation recently, I felt it was worth a mention.

Start of the game, in control of 'Mrs'

Mr and Mrs is a neat little platform puzzler game written by Richard Evans as a Shareware title in 1992. Although it looks like a bit of a car crash, don’t let looks deceive.

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