Retro bytes: ‘Blue Max’

A more familiar title from my childhood compared to Hudson Hawk (Which I only recently got playing). Think ‘Zaxxon‘ with a aeroplane flying across WW1 Germany, and what you have is Synapse Software’s ‘Blue Max’.

Blue Max on the C64
Blue Max on the C64

This is a game from way back in 1983 released on the likes of the Atari, C64 and Spectrum and which I have a bit of a soft spot for, as its one of those titles which I grew up with as a kid.

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Knight ‘n’ Grail now available!

The epic arcade adventure ‘Knight ‘n’ Grail’ is finally complete and on sale now from Psytronik Software for the Commodore 64. The game is available on disk only in Premium, Budget and Digital flavours. All pre-orders are currently being posted as we speak.

This is one of the best games for a long time on the C64, featuring some fantastic gameplay, a very large game map, neat touches throughout, excellent visuals and music throughout. It’s been heavily playtested to ensure that players get a fantastic experience – and that they will. As well as getting a top notch game, you have the option to get the game as a professionally produced disk release (Premium / budget) to play on a real C64, or you can purchase just a digital copy to play on any C64 emulator.

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Getting used to freekicks

I was pretty happy the other night getting a late goal against a friend.  I played as the half star rated Accrington Stanley against the 5 star Arsenal.  After a scrambled equalizer, I was dared to get the free kick in which followed 5 minutes later.  I never thought in a million years i’d bloody get it…


In the end I held out and won 2-1… I was sad enough to be the only one who thought it was cool 😉