‘Braid’ – an awesome Xbox 360 title

Well, i’ve had the rare day off today, so I treated myself to the excellent ‘Braid’ on Xbox Live.  The game costs around £9 in credits and puts you in control of a small man who is trying to find the princess.  It features elements of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong and hints of other titles – all wrapped together with a series of puzzles and literally having to piece them together! 🙂

Although I haven’t really played it loads to give a full review, i’ve really taken to the game with its fantastic oil painting style of 2D graphics and the wonderful classical soundtracks throughout.  But it is the game itself which does something a little different from your conventional 2D platformers.  This is not just a Super Mario Bros clone, but so much more.  When you die, you must reverse time to keep going – but its the reversing of time which adds a new dimension not seen before in gaming. The reversing of time can be used to great effect,  and is where the puzzling element of the game really comes in.  For instance, certain objects and characters which have a green haze over them will not go in reverse when you rewind time, but the rest of the world will.  This has an interesting effect on the pattern of play and can be the difference in opening a particular door or making a particular jump (Where you use jumping on enemies to propel you higher to a higher platform).

It’s been a while since a modern title grabbed my attention (Since Burnout Revenge).  This is a fantastic pick up and play game and worth the £9 in gold!