GTW64’s old stuff

If you have hit upon this page, then you may well have come from an old link to an old GTW64 based page which no longer exists.

So what happened? … Well, over the years GTW64 started to build up with various articles and odds and sods, which didn’t actually fit within an unreleased games site. Whereas most of our interviews were moved onto as I began to unclutter towards the end of 2009, there were still some stragglers which remained. Stuff which included pages on my own C64 productions, Aligata Masters, SFX from Maniacs of Noice, various Ocean source code from Paul Hughes.

What with a newly launched and sorted GTW64 site, it was time to fully clear out. However, i’m a preservationist, and didn’t want to just dump stuff on the scrapheap. So just very quickly I have backed up all the text into a single word document, and all the relevant files inside a zip which can be downloaded below.

GTW64 archive bits

If you would like to see any of the content (i’m thinking Aligata, SFX etc) on a webpage – then you are welcome to host it. Just please specify where it came from and maybe link to us 🙂

In addition to this – being a person who keeps everything, I had a complete list of all the updates from the old site from 2003 until May 2012. I have archived this into a basic text file which can be grabbed from this page

GTW64’s new about page and archive text


One thought on “GTW64’s old stuff

  1. Iain December 14, 2012 / 11:32 am

    Glad to see you’re fighting the tide against the digital throw away culture! 😉

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