Growing up with Dizzy

It’s all getting a bit too weird now … each time I encounter someone of the age of 18-24 and bring up the Dizzy series of games, then they sort of give me this bemused look like i’m talking a foreign language (And also with the concept of loading games from cassette tape – sigh!).  Sadly its true that since the last of the Dizzy games were released back in 1993/94, the franchise has been lost to the midst’s of time and new generations mostly haven’t had the opportunity to sample the simple adventure delights of the series.  My own daughter loves the games, but only discovered them through my retro gaming past-time and general reminiscing.


Inspired by the recent Dizzy article in Retro Gamer magazine this month, I felt like writing some of my recollections of growing up with the Dizzy games (With a C64 specific spin – due to my roots) and why it seems sad that new generations are missing out on the little egg on legs…

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