Retro byte: ‘Mr and Mrs’ (Amiga)

It’s been a while since my last Retro Byte, but after playing this particular game via emulation recently, I felt it was worth a mention.

Start of the game, in control of 'Mrs'

Mr and Mrs is a neat little platform puzzler game written by Richard Evans as a Shareware title in 1992. Although it looks like a bit of a car crash, don’t let looks deceive.

What you have here is a sort of 2D version of Head Over Heels, where you have a similiar method of having to swap between the two main characters (Who I guess must be married 🙂 ).

The aim is to collect a series of lightbulbs on each level map (Which can only be collected by the ‘Mr’ character), but you are thwarted by various obstacles such as locked doors (Which can only be opened via keys collected by the ‘Mrs’ character), flames, electricity hazards, slugs, flesh eating plants, spiders and more.

'Mr' to start with is trapped - but 'Mrs' can release you to explore more of the map.

Some screens are particularly tricky, and its for this reason I never got very far. Infact, only recently did I get past the first level!… so really this is more of a reflection and highlight of an obscure game than a full review!

My first experience of the game was back in 1993 when the game appeared on Amiga Power’s covermount (Along with a neat Attack of the Invaders game, Legend Demo and Aquablaster). Ever since I have occasionally come across the disk and loaded it up for old times sake. Sadly I wish I could just get the thing fully working via emulation – as although its playable, later screens seem to corrupt 😦

But if you can find a working copy, then I highly recommend checking it out for something different. It was suggested to be one of the better Amiga PD/Shareware games, and I certainly agree. I wonder what happened to Richard Evans though….


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