Visiting Commodore Format’s home

My recent marriage was almost short lived after our honeymoon in Bath! … Whilst sitting at a coffee house, it dawned on me that Bath was the home to Commodore Format’s publisher Future Publishing. I remembered that the address was something like Monmouth Street, but wasn’t quite sure. After popping into WH Smiths and finding a copy of Edge magazine, it was confirmed.

Now after a bit of begging, I managed to convince my partner to have a quick wonder around to find the street to see where one of my favourite gaming magazines as a child was created and produced each month. Yes, it was a very nerdy thing to do 🙂

Outside Avon Street

First of all we found the Avon Street building, which was still occupied by Future. I think these were the initial offices when Future Publishing was first set up. The offices are currently above a Pizza Hut.

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