A new release for the Vic 20…

It’s been on sale for a little while now, but I did a little exchange with Jason (Kenz) Mackenzie from Psytronik Software with some C64 games for a nice shiny new copy of ‘Realms of Quest’ for the Commodore Vic 20.

The game and bits
The game and bits spread out

This is a vastly impressive RPG for the 32K expanded Vic 20, and comes with an easy to use menu system, impressive multi-colour graphics (Which have only really started to be seen on the machine as people begin to push it), a surface world map, underground 3d tunnels.

I never really got into RPG’s or the likes of Ultima, apart from playing Zelda on the Gameboy, but the quality of this new release was so brilliant, plus the fact it is a new Vic 20 game meant that I had to grab it.

As well as all the usual very polished colour inlays by Kenz (With artwork contributed), the game comes with a neat instruction booklet with full colour elements. The disk itself (Being a large container for a 35.5k (Is that right?) game) contains most of the developers previous work as bonus material.

From what i’ve seen via emulation so far, this is a superb title and one that raises the bar on the Vic 20 a notch or two. I just now need to get my Vic20/C64 combi setup sorted and play it on the real thing!

Details on how to order the game can be found here:


And for other Psytronik titles, check out the main Psytronik website at: http://www.psytronik.com/