GTW64 xmas update 2013

Well, part of the usual promoting of what we’ve done recently for GTW64, here is the xmas update doing the rounds ….

The GTW64 xmas update has been published today with the following additions:

(*) 3 previously unseen full games recovered
(*) CDU Games Disk 6 recovered (Including 3 new full games)
(*) 12 previously unseen previews/prototypes recovered
(*) Potential Spore 2 finding
(*) Odd Melbourne House title surfaces in loading screen form (Questerious)
(*) Tangent and RISK prototypes found and added
(*) 31 other additional new entries added
(*) 10 other additional updates added
(*) Frank Gasking work disk collection added

Full news item and updates can be found at:


Games That Weren’t xmas update 2012

Well, ever since the upgrade of GTW64 was completed – it was straight onto preparing for the Christmas update. No rest for the wicked. Hopefully we won’t disappoint with some big findings to keep you going.

Our main finding this year is:

Otherworld full game

Followed by:

(*) Otherworld full game
(*) Fuzzball music found + more!!
(*) Epsilon preview recovered
(*) Exodus (Nexus) reconstructed
(*) Martin Piper racing game recovered
(*) Two full White Wizard adventures found
(*) Andrew Morris game graphics added
(*) Paddle Mania screens found
(*) Mountain Combaters new entry
(*) Beauty and The Beast tape file
(*) 67 new entries added
(*) 81 updates added

More details about the update can be viewed at:…12-update/

Enjoy everyone, and Merry Christmas!

Games That Weren’t 64 relaunch

After a few months of slow progress, a new launch of GTW64 has been completed with a cleaner, more modern design and a number of new features to build on the old site.

There will no doubt still be a few glitches to iron out, but it’s time now to stop upgrading and start carrying on with the searching as usual and recover some lost titles before those disks deteriorate too much. Hope you enjoy it!

GTW64 and update

Over the past few months, GTW64 has been working with to preserve a series of games after working on the disk collection of Darren Melbourne. 25 or so disks were painstakingly preserved by, and GTW64 trawled through these and found many a lost game. We present a good selection of these, but more will follow in the future with more disks being examined and preserved by both of us.

The collaborated update includes:

  • Nuker preview found and released
  • Runestone preview found and released
  • Duel full game found and released
  • Unnamed CRL game preview found and released
  • Leopard Lord full game found

Then part of GTW64’s usual update includes:

  • Necronom graphical assets found
  • Shao Lin’s Road V1 assets found
  • Enduro Racer V1/V2 preview found
  • Early version of Microprose Soccer released
  • More details on Razzmatazz added
  • 42 other new entries added
  • 17 existing entries updated

Nuker image

Enjoy, and hope you all have a good holidays and a happy new year! We’ll be back in 2012 with more joint findings 🙂 and

GTW64 updated

A new update from Games That Weren’t, including:

20 new entries added

Civilization, Dive Bomber, Dinnamic Donkey Duo, Erik the Destroyer, Elusive, Giana Strikes Back, Game#3, Gyrofalcon, Imperial Bodyguard, Pimple Panic, Robin Hood, Shian: “Tiger Style”, Shian: “Wu Dang”, Samba 2, SAW Wars, Unnamed game 1, Unnamed Football game, Unnamed game 2, Unnamed game 3, Zach Townsend Puzzler

8 game entries updated

Car Wars, Messiah 3, Quonodam, Shockwave, Trojahn, Thundercats V1, The Legend of Kyril

Seal Cull beta testing

Recently in 2011 saw the re-launch of the Bad Taste label by Keith Wood in preparation for a upcoming article in Retro Gamer magazine on Di’s Baby.

Coming from events of producing the article and interest from the Bad Taste range of games, Keith has decided that the first game from the Bad Taste label will be a proper version of Seal Cull (Released on the PC platform). Seal Cull was a game that never was for the C64 back in the 80’s. It was believed that it was a Bad Taste game, but Keith confirmed that this wasn’t the case. However, Keith loved the idea so much that he has decided to create the game. Keith has been busily working away with his family members to get the game complete and ready hopefully by November.

Keith is now wanting to open the game up for Beta testing, and needs help. For more details on getting involved, please go to:

GTW64 xmas update

It’s that time of the year again. The Xmas update of Games That Weren’t is now launched, with plenty of findings and new materials, including:

(*) ‘PUTTY’ – Found and released!

(*) ‘UNDEAD’ – Fully recovered and added
(*) ‘PULSE’ – A new unseen puzzler preview
(*) ‘SCIMITAR’ – An early tech demo from Cyberdyne Systems
(*) ‘DEADLOCK‘ – More demos (including 2 early versions) added
(*) ‘ARMALYTE 2’ – Game music recovered
(*) ‘HALF LIFE’ – GFX remains founds
(*) ‘SAVAGE PLATFORMS’ – Game music recovered
(*) ‘TURN CHANGE’ – More remains added


(*) 35 brand new entries added
(*) 19 existing entries updated

And a little hint of what’s to come in 2011…

(*) ‘STARGLIDER 2’ – All remains recovered and being worked on.

Check it out at