Learning to revise again

Well, after surviving a grueling 2 year web/preservation project, it has now finally come down to doing that Zend PHP exam which has been constantly put off whilst other impending work was completed.  At the age of 28, revising shouldn’t be a problem – I mean, i’ve been through the likes of GCSE’s, GNVQ’s, HND and Degree exams – more than enough experience right?

Problem is that my last exam was almost 6 years ago, so now its trying to get back into the swing of things again and remember how I best revised.  From what I recall, it was all about ‘cramming’….  making loads of notes with key words, creating bubble charts and my own questions and answers to constantly blast through.  Actually, after going through all the notes i’d end up with the equivalent of a Quiz book which i’d then spend several days constantly going through until I was getting at least 70/80% correct.  It seemed to work quite well and got me at least this far – so i’m hoping it will help this time round (If I can just doing the festive beer drinking!)

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