New River School Website launched

Finally the new River School website that I have been working on for a while is now live.  Doing the website for the school has been my contribution as a parent for the past 4 years or so, and it was time for an update.


It’s more of a refresher than a complete re-design to be fair – increasing the width, brightening things up and tweaking the headers, adding some CSS3 to jazz things up and just generally trying to tidy up and improve the layout of some of the pages to modernize things a little and keep things ticking over.  The Newsletters page in particular has had a large overhaul which was well overdue, as well as trying to improve the front page area and various other pages.

I found doing design work very tough this time round – and as I move away from that type of work more and more – i’m struggling to keep up.  Luckily CSS3 came to my rescue a lot this time round and helped to add a bit of gloss which would have otherwise meant reading up on the Adobe Photoshop manuals again.  It also helps having a designer in our office who is keeping on the edge of design technology and CSS who you can see what techniques they are using to know where to start after a break from it all.

To not delay things too much, I literally have just built on the flat file template structure I originally did (with some refinements to the php code in the back-end, and some unit testing integration).  I was keen to push things into WordPress whilst doing the redesign… but at the same time of doing this work, I was also in the process of getting GTW64 sorted out and moved into WordPress.  The GTW64 work was was a bout of migration and functionality building that took a good chunk of time in those limited free hours in the evenings – and something i’m glad I won’t have to do again for a while!

This is now probably my last major development on the website before at some stage I hand over the reigns to someone else.  For now i’ll be doing content updates for the school, and at some point will need to discuss a handover of sorts.  Doing website stuff at home as well as part of my day to day job can be a bit tiring 🙂


One thought on “New River School Website launched

  1. Alex Ross-Shaw December 17, 2012 / 7:42 am

    You’re such a good man, Frank! 😉

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