Dizzy Returns – Kickstarter project

After seeing the iOS reboot of Dizzy – Prince of the Yolkfolk, I was even more excited (yes, I resisted an egg related pun there..) to learn of a whole new Dizzy game being proposed by the original developers The Oliver Twins.

Dizzy Returns is a new Kickstarter project which seems to be full of promise for the Dizzy fans out there, but also for the new generations who never experienced the somersaulting egg during their youth.  Recently i’ve been of the opinion that the whole “Kickstarter” idea has become over saturated, but I can’t help but give something towards this project.  If anything, the Dizzy series on the Commodore 64 had a huge impact on my childhood – swapping tips with friends in the playground and trying to get past that Dragon with the sleeping potion…

If you too grew up playing the various adventures, then this might be one you’d like to see as well.



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