Sub Hunter now free on the iOS C64 emulator!

Originally a few years back, there was some rumblings about potentially some of the Psytronik games library being bundled with Manomio’s official iOS Commodore 64 emulator. Unfortunately it never quite happened .. until now!

James (RGCD) Monkman has been in discussions for a while with Manomio, and their recent update of the emulator has seen the inclusion of 4 free new games, including Sub Hunter (and also including Fairy Well, Edge Grinder and Blok Copy).

So hopefully quite a few more people will get to play our game compared to those who are part of the Commodore 64/retro gaming community. Probably the closest i’ll get to my old childhood dream of having a commercially released C64 game back in the day 🙂

View more details about the iOS Commodore 64 emulator


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