Salvaging a sun stained C64…

I found a pretty yellowed C64C in a box which is a symptom common with the C64C due to some cases using a particular type of plastic which yellowed very easily over the years.  This one was pretty extreme, even the insides were in a state with rusted sheilding for the motherboard and plenty of dirt and dust.  I had pretty much picked this one up a few years back second hand, packed it away for spares and forgot about it until having a sort out.

Before the work

Inspired by Jason (Kenz) Mackenzie’s Speccadore 64, I decided to spray the thing black to create a very quick modded C64C.   Firstly I stripped out the board, cleaned it throughly with cotton buds and alcohol on the board.  Then I masked the C64’s machine logo and LED with masking tape to mask those areas and preserve them for once the job was complete.

The missus very kindly picked up a can of Plasti Kote from Wilkinson, which although didn’t seem a lot – did the trick of covering the machine.  After about a day’s work, leaving the case periodically for 3 hours to dry on each side, and for touch ups … this was the result…

The completed piece

I had tried to use a C16 keyboard inside (which has grey coloured keys, which fitted the black case better), but found that the mapping is different, and the keys didn’t work – but the C64C keyboard still looked fine anyway in a very contrasting sort of way 😉

Only thing overall was that I rushed things a bit and ended up getting drips and imperfections around the case – but I was pleased enough with the results, and have learnt for next time when I do another case I have that is all messed up (next with a blue shade 🙂 ).  If you try and do anything similar, make sure you apply thin coats first and apply in stages – not try to do it all at once!


One thought on “Salvaging a sun stained C64…

  1. Zombies Ate My Xbox January 30, 2012 / 10:21 pm

    Ha! Ace! Look at all the C64 stuff there – that’s ridiculous! 🙂 The modded C64 looks awesome though.

    I say that, my two Defender light guns arrived today – to be packed with all the other stuff!

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