Visiting Commodore Format’s home

My recent marriage was almost short lived after our honeymoon in Bath! … Whilst sitting at a coffee house, it dawned on me that Bath was the home to Commodore Format’s publisher Future Publishing. I remembered that the address was something like Monmouth Street, but wasn’t quite sure. After popping into WH Smiths and finding a copy of Edge magazine, it was confirmed.

Now after a bit of begging, I managed to convince my partner to have a quick wonder around to find the street to see where one of my favourite gaming magazines as a child was created and produced each month. Yes, it was a very nerdy thing to do 🙂

Outside Avon Street

First of all we found the Avon Street building, which was still occupied by Future. I think these were the initial offices when Future Publishing was first set up. The offices are currently above a Pizza Hut.

After another bit of wondering around and asking some directions, 30 Monmouth Street was found! … Overall the offices were not as big as I expected, but it was great to see the building where 20 years ago the likes of Olly Alderton, Trenton Webb and various others were beaving away, reviewing the latest C64 games in the dying years.

Future headquarters, with pub on the right

Also next door was a pub, which no doubt the staff regularly went to during their lunch break (and I suspect its even mentioned in letters/editorial pages).

After for years wanting to go and visit Ludlow to see where Zzap was produced, it was a nice bonus to go to where their big rival was made. Just a shame I didn’t bump into Olly or any of the gang – though probably would have been quite disturbed with some raving maniac going on about Commodore Format 🙂

Additional trivia – Whilst doing some research about what happened to some of the staff, I came across this site by the artist Mike Roberts, who produced Roger Frames:
Have a click onto the Roger Frames tag for some concept sketches unseen! 🙂


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