Burger Time 97 (C64)

Just a quick post to flag up a very neat Burger Time conversion on the C64. For those not aware, Burger Time was an obscure arcade machine from 1982 which had you controlling a chef on a single screen consisting of platforms and ladders.

Burger Time 97 on the C64

Across the platforms were components of an over-sized beef burger, which you have to walk over to make the pieces fall to the bottom of the screen. Pieces only fall one platform at a time, so you have to constantly go up and down the various ladders and continue pushing the pieces down until you get a series of fully constructed burgers. Hindering your progress are a series of nasties such as walking fried eggs, sausages and gerkins (!)

On the Commodore 64 and various 8-bit platforms at the time, there were a small selection of clones which borrowed from the game – including a Mr Wimpy game by Ocean Software and some clunky clones from Supersoft and Interceptor (The later which featured the old MacDonalds theme as its title tune). None were really that special, although I enjoyed playing them growing up as a kid all the same.

The arcade original

Recently there was a discussion about preserving music for HVSC, and the title Burger Time 97 popped up as one which had a set of tunes that needed ripping for the music archive. I thought i’d check out the game and was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a pretty slick and smooth conversion. Of course, the portrait dimensions of the screen are lost, and graphics are not 100% accurate – but its the most authentic conversion i’ve seen, right down to the music – which sounds very close to the arcade original. Certainly worth checking out if you like your arcade conversions, and this one isn’t too crusty for you!


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