Sub Hunter launched on Amstrad CPC!

Well, its been two years since the C64 release of our Sub Hunter game, but now after several months of work – Paul Kooistra has converted everything across to the Amstrad CPC!

Level 1

I’ve been assisting Paul with the conversion, by playtesting and also enhancing some of the previous graphics to work better on the CPC (Including the end of game boss shark – which animates far better than its C64 counterpart now). Everything scrolls very smoothly, which is a difficult thing to achieve on the CPC hardware compared to the C64 – but nothing has been missed or cut away – and if anything the game features quite a few slight improvements over the original game.

The game comes additionally with a superb conversion of the original C64 music by Herve Monchatre, along with a number of unique additional tunes for the bonus level and end of game boss.

The Seawolf styled level

The intro sequence has been improved too, and converted over brilliantly by Paul. A sequence where the sepia effect transforms into full colour has been implemented, as well as a few other improvements.

You can now buy the game from Psytronik Software, either on Tape, Disk or Digital download. The disk version will contain a series of extra bonus features.

Here is also a recent video uploaded on YouTube:

Now who’s going to do the Spectrum and Vic 20 conversions? 😉


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