Christmas retro gaming

With the GTW update out the way, time to get some gaming in.  As well as the usual Fifa 2010 session (Wonder if the missus has got 2011 for Saturday… 🙂 ), there was time for some Just Cause 2 (Blowing random crap up) and finishing off the All Expert mode of Table Tennis on the 360.  Later in the evening I fancied digging out some more C64 games, but also digging two old Sega consoles out…

Here are some titles you may want to check out:

Game 1 – “Mayhem In Monsterland” (C64 – Apex – 1993)

A classic on the C64 which was flagged up by Vinny Mainolfi.  This was one of the last commercial releases on the Commodore 64, and what a way to go out!   It received a debatable 100% from Commodore Format, which it probably doesn’t deserve, but the game is one of the best titles on the machine by a long run.  Featuring some of the best graphics in a game on the machine (very colourful and making good use of colour mixing techniques).  Sort of a cross between Sonic and Super Mario Bros, you must turn 5 “sad” worlds into “happy” by collecting a number of magic bags on each world and giving them to your friend “Theo” to spread happiness across the world.  The happiness comes in the same of turning a rather greyscale level into a full colour explosion.  In the “Happy” mode you have then collect a specific number of stars to then complete the world.   Great fun, and a good challenge too.  Things start to step up a gear or two as soon as you hit world 2 – it is not a stroll in the park like Sonic/Mario.   If you have a Wii, then check out the virtual download of it.

Game 2 – “Uridium” (C64 – Hewson – 1986)

A title which has always been on people’s favourite lists, and for a good reason too.  Featuring awesome bas-relief graphics across a large number of dreadnought levels, you control your Manta class space fighter, scrolling horizontally left and right and must destroy the dreadnoughts.  Simple – but on regular occurrences, you are attacked by swarms of enemy craft.  Once you’ve destroyed most of the dreadnought and the enemies, you land on a landing area to then blow everything up.  A very typical arcade shooter which has been cloned by many, but none have come close to matching.

Game 3 – “Nights Into Dreams” (Sega Saturn – Sonic Team – 1996)…

Something I had never played until today.  I have read about this game many a time over the years via the various articles and retrospectives in Retro Gamer and Games TM magazine.  About a year or so ago I picked up the game at a bootfair, but never had chance to really get round to boot it up.  Well, I dug the Saturn out today, dusted it down and stuck this on – and I didn’t regret it!   A superb and fun game which really surprised me.  Even on the aging Saturn hardware, the game looks stunning and runs very smoothly.   The game is sort of like a 3D flying sonic game, where the 3D movement is “on the rails”.  I haven’t fully read the instructions, but you basically have to get a number of coloured crystals to pass onto the next world.  These are collected by picking up blue orbs around the level and destroying containers (once you have enough blue orbs).  This video probably will describe it better than I ever could… bah, here you go:

Game 4 – “Jet Set Radio” (Sega Dreamcast – Smilebit – 2000)

Wow, over 10 years old and it hasn’t really aged a bit….  Following the Sega theme, Jet Set Radio was one of the reasons I picked up a Dreamcast back in the early noughties.  Think a “Tony Hawk” game mixed with graffiti’ng, and you get Jet Set Radio.  The cell-shading on the characters in the game still looks as fresh as it did back in 2000.  Jumping around various buildings on rollerskates, tagging specific points whilst avoiding the police  is a lot of fun, and pulling off various stunts on stair rails and other scenery is awesome.  It’s pretty cheap to pick up on the original hardware these days, but it is a game which is well in need of a relaunch on one of the new consoles (It is rumoured to be coming soon on the 360).








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