New game from Alf Yngve

Had a nice surprise email from the great Alf Yngve today regarding a new game that he has recently completed, and which will be tidied up and enhanced by Richard Bayliss and Jon Wells.  The game will be eventually released by Psytronik!

It’s called 1,000 Kung Fu Maniacs, and Alf had the following to say about it:

Titled 1,000 KUNG-FU MANIACS!, the game is as much homage as it’s parody, and I hope it will make people laugh. With superb enhancements by Richard Bayliss and a memorable score by Jon Wells, this is a game no C64 fan should miss.

And it’s got mimes. Killer mimes. 😉

Basically, Alf is the king of developing games in a tool called S.E.U.C.K (Shoot em up construction kit) which was a revolutionary tool from Sensible Software back in 1988 which allowed non-developers to produce games with ease.  Out of the glut of poor titles, I was first introduced to some of the most impressive creations and down right playable games when Alf first got introduced to the world with his Cops game being put onto a Zzap 64 covermount.  That game can be found below via one of Alf’s Youtube clips.

Since the launch of the sideways SEUCK modification and a new surge in interest in developing games on the C64, Alf has come back and has been busy contributing new graphics and game entries for various competitions.  This game is yet another welcome return from Alf! 🙂


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