Weekend repairing…

After the recent release of the excellent new platform game for the Commodore Plus 4, Adventures in Time, I dug out my hardly used Plus 4 and gave it a dust down.  Unfortunately, although it powered up fine, the keyboard was very unresponsive and a bit knackered.

Luckily on Ebay there was a untested one going cheap, so I quickly snapped it up and got it just in time for this weekend.  As predicted, the thing didn’t power up, but I swapped over the keyboard with the other machine, cleaned up the insides and keyboard and finally got a nice fully working machine once more…

The fully working Plus 4 in all its glory...

But I had a thought … The Commodore 16 shares pretty much the same chipset as the Plus 4,  and I had a few sitting around which are broken.  After swapping round a few chips between an old duff C16 and the Plus 4, I had the other Plus 4 fully working again (Though now obviously with the swapped unresponsive keyboard) as a bonus.

The Plus 4 running "Adventures in Time"

Now off to play some Adventures in Time, which is another game shortly to be released by Kenz at Psytronik Software 🙂


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