More new games on old hardware!

Got some goodies through this weekend from Kenz at Psytronik, with the “They didn’t quite sell a million” compilation of classic C64 Psytronik releases and a little fun respectful nod towards the Ocean compilations of old.

Psytronik games
Been a *long* time since I bought a double cassette cased game brand new!

Also the compilation was accompanied by the brand new game for the Amstrad CPC called “Dead on Time“. This is a superb mixture of Mega Apocalypse, Blasteroids and Geometry Wars, where you have two modes of play – The first mode is keep going as long as possible by ensuring your time limit doesn’t run out by collecting powerups, picking up multipliers and avoiding collisions with enemies which deduct time. The second mode is to play for a set amount of time and pick up as many points as possible. Overall a great little game. Sadly when attempting to play on the real hardware, I ended up sending a few volts too many down the power lead and fried the graphics chip 😦 … So emulation it was, until I pick up another CPC at least…

But the icing on the cake was when this turned up on the retro boards… Adventures in Time….

A fantastic platformer game on the C16 / Plus 4 machines which makes excellent use of the hardware and contains some of the best music i’ve ever heard on the machine (Very Master System’esq!).  Don’t forget that the C16/Plus 4 doesn’t support sprites compared to the C64!… .   It was worth digging out my Plus 4 and trying out on the real thing (And even sneaked in a quick game of Tutti Frutti whilst I was at it)…  Though its highlighted that also with the fried CPC, I have a rather crap Plus 4 keyboard that needs attention.  A weekend of fixing ahead it seems…


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