Berzerk arcade converted to Vic 20…

First we had an almost flawless conversion of Berzerk on the C64 recently thanks to Martin Piper last year after someone started nagging about a C64 conversion being done from source code that had been retrieved.

Now recently Robert Hurst been inspired by the efforts of the C64 conversion and after some nagging by some Vic 20 enthusiasts to produce a Vic 20 conversion, which is just as stunning as the C64 version.  Here’s a Youtube clip of someone playing the game:

No doubt Robert will continue to release small updates with improvements, so i’m quite looking forward to see if Robert manages to get a version that squeezes in all the speech, which would be pretty groundbreaking for the old Vic.

UPDATE: And he’s done it!! … Robert has recently managed to get the speech going,  one of the first times on the Vic 20 such a thing has been done in a game I believe.

Grab the game from here:


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