Off to Dev8D

Well, packing is starting and i’m off first thing to Dev8D ( for 4 days.

This will be the first time i’ve got to speak and work with many developers at any one time, and i’m looking forward to that experience. I’m also a little nervous :)…

Why?… Well, mostly my web development knowledge and work has only grown via the work place. This has mainly been due to having quite a busy lifestyle outside of work with other commitments, family life and hobbies (i.e. the whole retro gaming/preservation thing being the main time hogger). So I never had time to mess around with Ruby, or knock out that quick application in Cake PHP. But i’m hoping I may over the next 4 days or at least get a taste of these things and how people are making best use of them.

Overall I aim to get a lot from the 4 days in terms of meeting new people and learning about other technologies and how they are being used in other Universities and work places. Maybe even picking up some new work methodologies, and personally learn a bit from my colleague Steve Coppin with his Agile methodologies and ideas which interest me a lot.

I may even be able to offer some expertise myself in various areas, including possibly Drupal, a bit on Solr and share experiences of working on a 2 year JISC project. Thats if I can stop myself from getting into a Retro gaming conversation, which I normally end up doing at these types of things 😉


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