Preserving another ‘Ultimate’ C64 conversion

A few months ago I borrowed a bundle of disks from ex-C64 developer “Matt Young” who took on the daunting task of converting Ultimate Play the Game’s “The Bubbler” from the Spectrum.

The big problem which eventually killed the conversion was Ultimate’s insistance that they replicated the same draw routine as the ZX Spectrum (Which was about 1mhz faster than the C64 in terms of processing power).


The C64 version - level 1


23 years later, we helped to salvage all of the sources and a combination of Matt, David (A colleague on GTW64) and Jani (A C64 developer) pieced together everything to form a fully complete conversion.

You can read more of the recovery story at: (Complete in the very outdated template – which I *WILL* eventually rebuild).


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