Getting the darn thing finished…

Well, from experience of developing games, the hardest part seems to be the actual finishing of the project and trying to tie up all the loose ends.  At the moment ‘Sub Hunter’ is pretty much complete, with the titles, end sequence, core game, music and graphics all in place.  It’s now the case of fixing a large list of bugs and making playability tweaks to get it as “right” as possible… But its a boring part of the development phase, and annoyingly so as you get so close to the finish line.

In the meantime Jason (Kenz) Mackenzie will now be publishing the game on his Psytronik label which has been bought back after over a decade’s absence.  Already Jason has improved over the original inlay I had produced, and with Jason Kelk’s brilliant Sub render, here is a sneak preview:

Sub hunter cover image by Kenz
Sub hunter cover image by Kenz

Cool eh? … The game is due to go on pre-order with any luck soon.  The quality of the printing is just like had Mastertronic or Codemasters released the game back in the day.  Sometimes you cannot beat having a piece of software physically in your hands compared to a virtual console download.

Oh, and i’m not resting either… the new Psytronik publishing has inspired us to create an introduction sequence which i’m due to start this weekend.  So whilst Richard is debugging, i’ll be drawing… 🙂


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