Pro Evo yet again does it!…

Apart from the fact that Pro Evo 2008 jerks around on the 360 like a Atari VCS trying to do smooth frame vector graphics on its various replays and bits, the game itself still plays ok… but somehow it seems to be even more annoying than Pro Evo 4/5 with its *little* niggles

I decided to have a quick World Cup game last night on the Top Player rating – so playing France, Italy, Argentina etc… I might expect to get my backside handed back to me on a plate… but thats fine.  But a country which has a team no better than a pub team playing like a dream team destined to win everything on a planet is slightly bewildering.

My World Cup group consisted of Ireland, Australia and Angola … fairly easy, though due to an off night (and being a little bit crap) I lost to Ireland by a silly goal.  Australia was a frustrating matter where I scored early and they on their first shot scored midway through the second half … undeservedly and where my goal keeper decided to flap at every single ball which was sent in his direction and my defense get instructed by the “AI” to switch off.  Not having that… So I let fly up the pitch and smack one in to make it 2-1… Have some of that 🙂 …  But sure enough, Defence gets disabled, Robinson has a bit of “flappy flappy” and its 2-2 in the last second of play.  I’m just about still holding the controller at this point.

Ok… lets check if it is still technically possible to qualify…  Well, Ireland and Australia are level on 4 points each, i’m on 1 and Angola on 0.  My goal difference is -1, Australia 1.  I need to really rely on Ireland beating Australia .. to which they do 1-0.  Right, so I need to beat Angola by 2 goals… shouldn’t be so hard… Well, not quite…

It seems that when you stick on the Top Player setting in Pro Evo 2008, it doesn’t mean that you just have to play better and that the teams are stuck up a notch…. It turns the crappiest of teams into a bunch of world beaters!…  Sure,  the automatic results of other matches show a fairer reflection, where Ireland thrashes Angola 4-0 … but playing an actual match is a different story.  Angola were a team possessed, I couldn’t get the ball off them, their crossing was spot on… and even though I produced some awesome shots… their keeper was like a Van De Sar/Cech clone who was equal to anything and everything.  However, I scored midway through the second half… but again, my defence decide that they don’t need to be near the goal area and Angola are clear through to score a simple shot…. to which Kirkland (I subbed Robinson after his flappy antics) flapped and missed completely.

Fury almost calmed down when in the dying seconds I get a penalty … Right… top right corner and no chance surely?  Well, you couldn’t put it any better into the corner, but of course we are dealing with the best goalkeeper in the world (In PES2008’s mind) who pulls off one of the best penalty saves ever seen.  It ends 1-1… and England go home empty handed.  My controller survives,  but only because they are so blimming expensive to replace!

I think i’m just going to go back to Match Day 2 on the Speccy…


3 thoughts on “Pro Evo yet again does it!…

  1. Werner (With an 'n') June 9, 2008 / 11:39 am

    Come on Angola!! It is about time an African team pulls their socks up.

  2. Werner June 9, 2008 / 11:40 am

    Look at that twat in comment #1. He (I) can’t even spell his own name correctly.

  3. fgasking June 9, 2008 / 12:49 pm

    Edited that for you 🙂

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