Sub Hunter – video WIP…

Richard has taken a break from coding to do a bit of video work – doing a video of the WIP version of Sub Hunter which we are producing on the Commodore 64.  This game is due to be finished and released later this year.   The video clip below show’s a number of levels currently running, though there is plenty of bug fixing to be carried out before its final release.  Richard Bayliss is the programmer, with graphics produced by myself and music by Drax (In the finished game – music in the video is by PVCF).


One thought on “Sub Hunter – video WIP…

  1. Juris Purins August 5, 2007 / 9:52 pm

    Wow! This looks great! Unbelievable in fact! That it is on a C64. There is a little of Irem’s ‘In the Hunt’ here – which is a good thing.

    Got to the blog by accident today. Look forward to hearing more about this one.

    It would make a very nice post for Lemon64 and the Retroremakes Folks.

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