Almost there…

Work has been done on and off on this new C64 game called “Sub Hunter”, but the game is finally starting to come together:

Still needs plenty of work, and some of the graphics need some heavy tweaking once we get an idea of how much memory space we have left over when Richard tidy’s up the code.  I’ve also got to finish the title screens, think of a game ending, create a new font and also do a loading screen for the tape version for when its mastered (maybe this year!).

With any luck,  this game should be ready by the end of summer 2007. 


One thought on “Almost there…

  1. Mark Jones May 17, 2007 / 12:19 pm

    Frank, Mark Jones (ex of Ocean Software) here. I found some Amiga and ST discs and someone’s going through them to get the data off them. I have some Amiga ‘Flood II’ mockups that came yesterday. Sadly no animations yet (they were the bits I was most happy with) but if you email me I can let you see what I’ve got so far. I’ve lost your email address so can’t send you them directly at the mo.

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