Big music company rips off C64 / Amiga tune!

It’s been buzzing around the internet like wildfire,  but quite amazingly – Nelly Furtado’s new “Do it!” song rips off quite blatently a recent Amiga/C64 tune – even lifting a segment of the actual C64 voices for part of the voice.  We’re talking a fairly hefty segment too!

Now considering that C64 is the machine closest to my heart in the world of retro gaming, this has been quite exciting stuff – whilst at the same time quite anger inducing considering that the original authors (one of which I know and helps from time to time on GTW) will not get a penny from any of this, mainly because they are “small people” against a “big corporation with many laywers”….

Timberland are the mixers behind the tune, who have been found from previous interviews to have a “Sidstation” in their pocession – which is a music station that is powered by C64 chip sound (to get the desired old school sounds, and is used quite a lot in various songs – I kid thee not).

This is probably more amazing than when Kernkraft 500 ripped off David Whittaker’s Lazy Jones tune for “Zombie Nation”….

Here’s some comparison proof…

And also a nice big write up about it from C64 Audio head… Chris Abbott …


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