World Cup – Not far off!

Well, England are just about through as group winners, though very unconvincing, and possibly about to go out to Ecuador who are playing with much more heart.  Typically we did not beat Sweden,  even though it really looked like we were about to break that duck.

Trinidad and Tobago sadly didn't make it as I hoped to predict,  but Australia, Argentina and Germany are all having a storming tournament as I predicted.  Germany looking fantastic, and beating Sweden just now by 2-0.  Argentina however seem to be the team to beat, with all the other nations such as Brazil and France looking like pale immitations of them former selves.  Spain are surprising currently by actually playing to their talented abilities,  so overall there hasn't been too many shocks at all.

My next predictions?…. Well, I doubt France will get much further now,  Germany will have to blow me away to convince me of beating Argentina (Unless of course Mexico beats them tonight… which would give a typically easy path to the Semi's for the Germans).  England?… Well, they *should* beat Ecuador, so therefore i'm predicting that Scolari will be our nemesis once more,  knocking England out for a 3rd successive tournament with Portugal.

Great tournament so far though,  and i'm hoping Australia can pull off a shock against Italy….. I need someone to cheer once England are knocked out… so here's hoping…


3 thoughts on “World Cup – Not far off!

  1. fgasking June 26, 2006 / 1:58 pm

    And so it is to happen… For a 3rd time, 3 tournaments in a row… Erikkson will meet his nemesis once more in Scolari… and once more Portugal will be our Sweden… 🙂

    Well, for a crap set of performances… we’ve done ok to get to the QF 🙂

  2. Texas Ian June 26, 2006 / 3:19 pm

    Come on, let’s have a bit of enthusiasm Mr Gaskin – are you trying to beat the disappointment by not giving England a hope? We’re going to go all the way! :oD

  3. fgasking June 26, 2006 / 3:21 pm

    You mean like Greece in Euro 2004? 🙂

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