World cup predictions…

Around 10 days to go, and already the hype of the world cup is in full swing, not only with the England players and Wayne Rooney's injury recovery,  but also with all the various TV specials and advertising related to football. 


Again all the hype is on England,  and how this is our "best chance of winning the cup" blah blah…  when most likely we'll crash out of the group stages.  Firstly because we haven't beaten Sweden since the dark ages,  and Trinidad and Tobago will probably pull off a shock result like Senegal did against favourites France in the 2002 tournament.

So who is gonna do well and who's gonna win the World Cup??….  Well, my money is on the "underdogs" – Germany.  I've already been classed as crazy,  but they are at home,  there is no pressure on them (Well, even Germany has written off their team due to a shortage of world class players) and they have a bloody nice and easy group to get through.  It just seems that if they get some momentum going, and the crowd behind them… they could grab it and surprise all.  If Greece can win the Euro Cup, then I don't doubt Germany.  They could even well knock out England in the second round (Well, I wouldn't like to bet on England beating Germany again after the old 5-1 result back in 2001).  I'll probably eat my hat, but better than being boring and saying England will win it… 😉

As for other teams…. a lot have been written off,  including Australia… who are a team I feel could get out of their group of death,  possibly recording a shock result against Argentina…. Also Trinidad and Tobago I feel could have a good run at the expense of England.

Anyway, time to get the flags out and the wall charts up… and hopefully some beer in.  I think June is gonna be a pretty unproductive month… 🙂


One thought on “World cup predictions…

  1. Werner May 31, 2006 / 7:03 am

    …and what about Ivory Coast???

    England are a second rate team and they need to forget about Rooney and for the media, get a proper job. Leave them alone, maybe then they’ll stand a chance.

    good luck anyway!

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